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International Relations

With the act: 122/2000 (XI.24.) KH, the Assembly of Gyõr-Moson-Sopron County adopted the county council’s concept of foreign affairs, which specified the directions to the maintenance and development of international relations.

These are:

  • to strengthen the cooperation, friendship, solidarity, economic and human relations in the context of the European development in order to preserve the position of the regions;
  • to strengthen the representation of interests and values of Győr-Moson-Sopron County in the region;
  • to develop the knowledge base of the organization with the support of human resources through international relations, in a way that these will improve the professional preparedness of the actors of the county council and its office as well as the population and the economic life;
  • to contribute to the democratisation, economic and cultural development in other parts of Europe, where the necessary qualifications and knowledge can be properly exploited;
  • to present the political and administrative impact of international developments on European regions.

The way of delivery of our targets:

  • cooperation within the framework of agreements, which include all territories of partnership; it involves the institutions, organizations, economic actors and the population of the county in the particular activity;
  • participation in strategic events where the county is concerned, or to join these events in order to develop beneficial relations and also to present the county’s cultural values, economic status, tourist attractions;
  • within the framework of networking; with the participation of people delegated by the county government, public servants, institutions, non-governmental organizations and persons associated with all these. Network cooperation needs to be strengthened for professional and international development in the field of human resources. More and more external partners need to be involved;
  • participation on international trainings, conferences, seminars contributing to the professional development and enhancing the motivation of the representatives and staff of the office, and also facilitating the acquisition of high-level information related to international targets.


The county’s international partners are the following:


Pforzheim (2001)
Enzkreis (2001)


Bratislava (2002)
Trnava (2007)


Central Jutland Region / Region Midtjylland (1995)


Mureș County (1995)


Samara Oblast (1999)


Hubei Province (2013)


Mysłowice (2016)

Working Community of the Danube Regions (1999)